Blog Introduction

Hey there, welcome to the website’s blog/project space.

I’ll be using this area to talk about random stuff and projects that I might have worked on.

This space is also neat to organize and display my thoughts on stuff, something that sometimes isn’t as easy on twitter or any social media for that matter. Also so my website isn’t that empty :P

How did we get here?

Ever since I started making pixel art, I wanted a little online gallery to display my art. I started out with a wix website but that soon became unmanageable.

I turned to github pages, not only because it’s free but also because I was already accostumed to using github for other projects. That’s when I got introduced to Jekyll, a static website generator. It’s an amazing tool for creating websites that don’t require a database, hence the “static”, while still being able to dynamically create pages with Data Files. The website you are seeing right now was made with it.

By working with it I learned about Liquid, YAML and SASS, 3 technologies that if you ever tinker with web development or are in the programming field you might find neat.

I stopped using github pages because in order to be hosted by github you need to have your whole website in a public repository, something I wasn’t very comfortable with. I bought a domain and host in my country and here we are.

Side note: If you plan on starting a website but don’t have money to buy a domain/host I also recommend checking

Website Development

The reason I wanted to remake the whole website from the ground up is because it was becoming impossible to develop new things, both in terms of aesthetics and overall structure.

The old website was made of scraps of a neat Jekyll theme called Arco and a hastily made portfolio page. The website was basically held up by planks of wood, sweat and duct tape.


I decided to restyle the whole website to be more slick and “cyberpunky”. From the light use of colors to the animations on the buttons.

I learned a lot of CSS tricks while developing the new look: the amazing things you can do with clip-path - yeah, did you know that you can make clipping regions with just CSS, no JavaScript? -, the way animations can be made, the fact you can make up HTML tags to help you with said animations and stuff that should be second nature to any web designer like for example not forgetting to check if all the sick animations you’ve been making will be actually visible to mobile users - don’t forget to use the :focus selector for stuff that you would use with :hover!