Preferred way of contact: DM on Twitter, Discord or Email

Keep in mind that all the prices below are base prices and might increase with the complexity of the piece.

Status: Closed


Base price: 40€

A character portrait to be used as an avatar/profile picture. From size 32x32 up to 64x64. Anything bigger will be considered a “Character” commission.


Base price: 60€ | Additional character(s) +45€

A character commission with a simple one color background or no background. If you want a more detailed background see “Illustration”.


Base price: 100€ | Additional character(s) +45€

An illustration piece, usually a character with a more developed background or a scenery.

Twitch / Discord Emotes:

1 Emote = 25€

3 Emotes = 70€

5 Emotes = 110€

Twitch Badges:

1 Sub badge = 15€

5 Sub badges = 65€

2 flairs = 20€


Base price: 100€

A stream layout or screen (Brb, Starting, etc.) 320x180px


Base price: 50€

A font created for you.


Commission price + 15€

Any of the above items can be animated for this price.

Commercial Fee:

+ 50% commission price

If you want to use the commissioned piece for any form of commercial use.

Terms and Conditions

General Info:

  1. By purchasing any of my services you automatically accept the “Terms and Conditions”, as such you must follow them.
  2. I retain the right to refuse any commission if it contains anything that I might be uncomfortable / unable to draw.
  3. The product is a digital file and does not require shipping.
  4. A detailed description of the commission is highly encouraged and so are images and links as references.
  5. The price of the commission may increase depending on the complexity and/or level of detail.
  6. The payments are made through Paypal invoice in Euros.
  7. The commissions are drawn based on the Trello list.
  8. The client cannot use any piece created by me as a twitch/discord emote. I have an emote section for that.


  1. The client must fill the form and/or contact me.
    • If the form is not filled in, the customer must indicate the following:
      1. Preferred contact information with your name / username / alias (Ex: Twitter, Discord, Email)
      2. Type of commission
      3. Detailed description of what you would like
      4. References
      5. If you want to pay the commercial fee
  2. The client will receive a confirmation if the order has been accepted or not, along with an explanation of any questions.
  3. Once the price has been settled by both parties, the Paypal invoice will be sent to the client’s Paypal account.
  4. It is necessary to pay, at least, 50% of the commission in advance to start working on it.
  5. When the payment is made, the client will be added to the Trello list.
  6. The client will receive a sketch and it’s in this phase that they can request changes regarding the linework / pose / clothing & etc.
  7. Frequent updates may be requested during this period.
  8. The remaining 50% must be paid after finishing the commission.
  9. After the final payment, the client will receive the commissioned piece in the PNG/GIF format in the original size and in an enlarged size through the preferred contact.


  1. See section “6”.
  2. If payment has not been made after 7 days, the commission will be automatically cancelled and you will receive a warning.
  3. Payment in addition to the agreed upon will be seen as a tip and will not influence the final result.

Comercial Fee:

  1. If the client intends to use the commissioned piece to produce merchandise such as t-shirts, key chains, mug or any other form of commercial use, must pay the original amount plus half.
    • Ex. Original Price: 20€ + Comercial Fee: (Original Price*0.50=10€) = Total: 30€

Cancelations / Refunds:

  1. The client will only receive a full refund if he cancels the commission before I start working on it. Otherwise, the initial payment is considered lost.

Permission and Copyright:

  1. I hold the right to the commissioned artwork(s) and by commissioning me, you, the client, give me permission to use and feature the commissioned artwork(s) in my portfolio / website / social networks / “speedpaints” / others.
  2. The client cannot remove the watermark / signature from the artwork.
  3. The commissioned work is for personal use only, unless the commercial fee has been paid, see section ‘21’. The client cannot copy, trace, modify, claim the commissioned piece as their own, sell it or make a profit from it.
  4. The commissioned work is not to be used in any blockchain-related technology.
  5. I have the right to claim 100% of unauthorized profits made through the commissioned piece.
  6. I have the right to act, the moment the terms and conditions are violated.